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Gutters are much more important than many people realise, which is why it’s crucial to have your gutters installed or repaired by professionals who have experience with gutters and a genuine interest in providing you with the best service. Unfortunately, many people don’t really notice their gutters until there is something seriously wrong with them. A common cause of water leaks in Australian homes will usually trace back to a damaged gutter system. The team from Kingston Roofing provide you with a complete roofing solution; our services include roof installation, roof insulation, guttering, downpipe, fascia, and whirlybird installations. We manage the whole process from start to finish making your guttering replacement easier than ever.
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Are your gutters in need of replacement? Kingston Roofing provides a solution for all of your guttering needs. We understand the harsh weather conditions here in North Queensland, which is key in providing a new quality installation to your home to last many more years to come. You can trust Kingston Roofing with your next Colorbond Re-gutter.

So, if your gutters are looking a little worse for wear, contact us today, to arrange an inspection and free quote for some preventative maintenance or much needed TLC.

Importance of Downpipes and Guttering System

Roof Guttering and Downpipes are very important assets to any house. A gutter system prevents water damage to walls and foundations by channelling water away from its base foundation. A good gutter system also reduces erosion, prevents house leaks and protects painted surfaces by reducing exposure to water. At Kingston Roofing, we use Colorbond for a perfect match of your guttering, fascia and downpipes to complement your roof.

For the best performance of gutters and downpipes, they need to be installed correctly. This means selecting the best profile and size to suit the property. The installation of the gutters to the correct levels is fundamental to get the best performance out of your roof’s drainage system. Correctly sized and placed downpipes work hand-in-hand with correctly specified and installed gutters to insure correct flow of roof water.

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What is a Whirlybird?

A whirlybird is a wind driven roof ventilator which does not require any power, that aids in significantly cooling your home. They are low maintenance and do much more than just cool your home. Whirlybirds work by sucking hot air up and out through the roof, reducing the temperature in your home.

Do I need whirlybirds installed?

If you live anywhere which has a warm or tropical climate, whirlybird installation is necessary for your home. Whirlybirds are relatively maintenance free, and after the initial cost of supply and install, there are no ongoing costs to maintain. They also help assist your air-conditioning to work better as well! Whirlybirds assist in moving fresh, cool air into the areas of your home where it is most beneficial.
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